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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Recess time!

(Refer to earlier post on a typical day's schedule for more on recess)

Generally, the recess periods are staggered so that the younger grades (K/1/2) are outside at a different time than the older grades (2/3/4/5).  Of course, with the overlap of mixed grade class compositions, this doesn't always work out perfectly; for example, does the 1/2 class go outside with the K/1 group, or the older group?  Hmmm...  Anyways, the point is that there won't be any unnecessary trampling of 5 & 6 year olds whenever the students are set free from the confines of the classroom.

Unless it's really raining (not just misting a little), recess will be outside.  Plan clothing appropriately.  If it is pouring, there will be indoor recess inside the classroom.  Generally this is free choice time.

Want to see what your kid is up to at recess?  You're welcome to join him/her for lunch any day (sign in and get a visitor badge from the office first), and then tag along for some playground fun.  There are trees, soccer balls, climbing structures, and -soon- a nice grass field.

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