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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Bagley parents: what are your concerns?

Seriously, let me know!  What interests you?  I'm trying to remember what it was like to be a kindergarten parent last summer, and then jotting down ideas as they occur to me.  If there is something that you don't understand, please use the form at the side, or just email: lexyrelph at gmail dot com.

Meanwhile, best ways to get connected before school starts:

  • Join the vlist, the Bagley family listserve: http://www.danielbagley.com/happening_vlist.htm
  • New Family/Kindergarten Playdates at Greenwood Park:
    87th and Fremont Ave. Saturdays August 20 and 27 from 10:30-12. 
  • New Family/Kindergarten Welcome Night:
    Tuesday, September 6, 5:30 pm. BYO picnic social in the playground. At 6:30 pm, meet your teachers, principal and PTA.
Details on all of these were previously posted - look for the links on the sidebar.

Topics I might try to address include:

  • volunteering/getting involved with the PTA and at the school
  • more about the greenfield project
  • where to buy cool Bagley t-shirts, and scrip cards
  • how you can help fundraise without having to ask anyone for money, sell anything, or shell out cash ('Free Money'!)
  • afterschool programs and extracurricular activities
  • how to help your child adjust to kindergarten; what is MAP testing?
  • how to deal with the incredible frequency of early dismissals and days off, and whether we will get thanksgiving week off again this year
  • help me fill out my forms; and 
  • what does the PTA actually do?

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