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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is there homework in kindergarten? How does the Bagley library work?

Homework is teacher-specific.  Some teachers assign homework to kindergarteners, and some don't.  If you have strong feelings one way or the other, talk to your teacher.

Last year, our son did receive a homework folder at the beginning of the week, which was to be completed and handed in by Friday.  This consisted of a few activity pages (e.g. draw a line from the word to the picture, connect-the-dots, draw pictures of things in your house that are square and label them) and a book appropriate to the student's reading level.  Parents are asked to supervise homework as needed, read with their child, and then comment on/sign the homework packet before handing it in.  

My son really liked homework and wanted extra math problem sheets, so we usually had an extra page.  A few times, we didn't get it done because life got in the way, or our usually-a-homework fan really wasn't in the mood that week.  Wasn't a problem.

Don't forget about the library!  Once a week, the class goes upstairs to the library, and can take out several books, due the following week on your class' library day.  The number of books the student may borrow increases with reliable returns... I think we were up to six by the end of the year.  Leave extra space in the backpack on library days, because six large, hardcover books can take up a lot of room, and weigh your kindergartener down rather effectively.  

Luckily, the Source lists your child's library borrowings, so you can occasionally scan under his bed or the couch cushions to find any missing ones.

There are computers in the library, and by September, half of the library will become a 'technical classroom/computer lab' this year.  The kids are going to learn media literacy one day per week, specific details TBD.  We will see how this plays out in the new year...

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