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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Full Day vs. Half Day Kindergarten

You will have noticed by now that the Seattle Public School District is charging you $237/month for kindergarten. They have already asked us to submit payment information for the upcoming year (which is an improvement over last year's process).

You will also have noticed that if you opt for half-day kindergarten, there is no fee.

So, if half-day kindergarten a realistic option?

Theoretically it sounds good (heck, I did half-day kindergarten and I survived, although that was eons ago). In reality, I don't think there were ANY half-day kindergarteners last year, out of ~75 K students. Our class had all the fun stuff, like Health&Fitness, Art, and Library, in the afternoons, so morning-only students would have missed all that, in addition to birthday celebrations and afternoon recess.

But, half-day kindergarten is offered as an option through SPS, and if you think you'd like to try it, talk to our principal, Ms. Ayer.

All the pertinent information about full day kindergarten, including SPS' rationale for recommending full-day, how to apply for half-day, and tuition payment, is nicely summarized by SPS here.

And the Pay for K link is here. Sign up now to save yourself administrative pain down the road...

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