Welcome to Daniel Bagley!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Classroom configurations now set for 2012/2013

Per Principal Ayer:  In 2012/2013, the classroom configurations will remain the same as this year:

K/1: 2 classes (Mrs. Stone & Ms. Hansen)
1/2: 1 class (Ms. Filep)
2/3: 2 classes (Ms. Scordas & *TBD*)
4/5 2 classes (Mr. Bauer & Ms. Manley)

K/1: 3 classes  (Ms. Norton, Ms. Messom & Ms. Richards)
2/3: 3 classes (Ms. Green, Ms. Forselius & Ms. Humphrey)
4/5: 2 classes (Ms. Stackhouse & Mr. Moore)

... so, two contemporary K/1 and three Montessori K/1.  That's good news for anyone on the Montessori waitlist.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lost and found from the ice cream social

From Susan P, one of the ice cream social coordinators:

A light blue Champion 5T fleece was left after the ice cream social. It is on the lost and found rack now.

...so email if it's yours and we will rescue it before it is donated to a worthy non-profit organization sometime next week, along with the hundreds of other items currently there (including some really nice adult clothing items, actually).

You'll become very familiar with the lost & found rack next year.  This year, my kids have lost:  two jackets, multiple mittens, a lunch box, two nice tupperware sandwich bins, a purple jump rope, a warm hat multiple times, a water bottle, a long sleeve shirt, and two hoodies.  Many were discarded on the playground and forgotten as soon as they spotted something shiny, or their friends distracted them, or the bell rang.  Luckily, we found most of these items within a few weeks.

Anyway, the lost & found rack is constantly overflowing, and there is a mass donation/clean-out every couple of months.  Labels are a good idea.  You have been warned.

Bagley is scheduled for a major building addition!

Good news, future Bagley families!  It looks like we've made the cut for an expansion to the school.  According to a current SPS RFP for architectural/engineering services, Daniel Bagley is slated to be the recipient of BEX IV (Building Excellence levy # IV) funding for a new 18,500 ft2 addition (six more classrooms), somewhere on our site.

It looks like there will need to be a final vote in October, but Bagley is a worthy recipient based on population and facility conditions, so let's keep our fingers crossed.  Note that construction wouldn't begin for FOUR YEARS - with an August 2017 opening - so don't expect any big disruptions in the near future.

For those who are wondering, yes, there is a green building requirement in the RFP, and yes, the existing school building will likely be classified as 'historic' and therefore won't be demolished.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Upcoming playdates and orientation events

Missed the ice cream social?  Plan to attend some of the other orientation activities that will be happening throughout summer:

Playground meet-ups - meet new schoolmates

New students and their families are encouraged to come out to these casual playdates (no school access or planned programming) on the Daniel Bagley playground on the following Sundays at 3pm:

* Sunday July 1, 3pm
* Sunday August 5, 3pm
* Sunday August 12, 3pm
* Sunday August 19, 3pm
* Sunday August 26, 3pm

...and a weeknight right-before-school-starts one on:
* Wednesday August 29, 5:30pm (may be a picnic and some PTA/staff representation - TBD)

Welcome night - meet your teacher/tour the school

Right before school starts in September - usually the night before - new students are invited to meet their teachers, tour the school, find their classroom/locker/desk, and generally orient themselves.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Current wait list information

For non-attendance area Daniel Bagley hopefuls:

SPS posts lists indicating the number of children on the wait list for each grade and program, by school.  These are updated each Friday.  This week's is here.

Current stats for Daniel Bagley:
K Montessori - 19
K Contemporary - 9
1st Montessori - 8
... and either 1, 2, or 3 on the list for all other grades and programs.

Don't fret quite yet; there is a lot of movement on the wait lists at the end of summer, since families hold 'just in case' spots at multiple schools until then. Last year, students as far down the wait list as #14 or 15 received calls before mid-September (n.b. if you are fairly far down the list, you should consider whether you would be willing to transfer after school has already started).  

Wait lists are dissolved as of September 30 each year, so if you don't get in but still want to, you'll have to try again during next spring's open enrollment.

Ice Cream Social Reminder - tomorrow (Thursday)!

The Daniel Bagley new student ice cream social is Thursday, June 7, 6pm in the Daniel Bagley cafeteria.

New students and their families are welcome to attend.  You'll have an opportunity to meet other families, talk to current Bagley parents, hear from the staff, and see the school.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Next year's bell times for pick-up and drop-off

SPS released official start and end times for all Seattle schools today.

Bagley's will be unchanged next year:  first bell/line up by class in playground at 9:25, second bell/start time at 9:30.  End of school bell at 3:35.

More info here.