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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Current wait list information

For non-attendance area Daniel Bagley hopefuls:

SPS posts lists indicating the number of children on the wait list for each grade and program, by school.  These are updated each Friday.  This week's is here.

Current stats for Daniel Bagley:
K Montessori - 19
K Contemporary - 9
1st Montessori - 8
... and either 1, 2, or 3 on the list for all other grades and programs.

Don't fret quite yet; there is a lot of movement on the wait lists at the end of summer, since families hold 'just in case' spots at multiple schools until then. Last year, students as far down the wait list as #14 or 15 received calls before mid-September (n.b. if you are fairly far down the list, you should consider whether you would be willing to transfer after school has already started).  

Wait lists are dissolved as of September 30 each year, so if you don't get in but still want to, you'll have to try again during next spring's open enrollment.

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