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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lost and found from the ice cream social

From Susan P, one of the ice cream social coordinators:

A light blue Champion 5T fleece was left after the ice cream social. It is on the lost and found rack now.

...so email if it's yours and we will rescue it before it is donated to a worthy non-profit organization sometime next week, along with the hundreds of other items currently there (including some really nice adult clothing items, actually).

You'll become very familiar with the lost & found rack next year.  This year, my kids have lost:  two jackets, multiple mittens, a lunch box, two nice tupperware sandwich bins, a purple jump rope, a warm hat multiple times, a water bottle, a long sleeve shirt, and two hoodies.  Many were discarded on the playground and forgotten as soon as they spotted something shiny, or their friends distracted them, or the bell rang.  Luckily, we found most of these items within a few weeks.

Anyway, the lost & found rack is constantly overflowing, and there is a mass donation/clean-out every couple of months.  Labels are a good idea.  You have been warned.

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