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Monday, August 29, 2011

Field trips and other extracurricular events

Yup, there are field trips in kindergarten, about one per semester.  Usually parent chaperones are requested (if you are unsaddled with a younger sibling), and usually there is school bus transportation.  Field trips are often  held in conjunction with other classes.

Last year, our kindergarten class went to a pumpkin farm, a puppet show at MOHAI, and Discovery Park.  Your teacher will probably ask for feedback on preferences.

In addition, there are all kind of other special activities that will arise during the year, such as:

* Field Day (in June on a school day afternoon - fun & games at the Greenlake playfield)
* Jogathon (Friday September 30 this year - offsite location due to playground construction - Lower Woodland track)
* Walk to school day on Wednesday October 5
* Bike to School day (and last year we had a two-week bike unit in Health & Fitness)
* Magic shows, etc., on the stage in the lunchroom
* Greenfield/garden parties and opening celebrations
* Family fun nights of various kinds
* Art shows
* Teacher appreciation week
* Monday Morning Meetings, where classes take turns preparing some kind of presentation (speeches, play, song, etc.)... parents are always welcome to attend MMM, and ask your child's teacher about helping with preparation for the class performance.

Most of this will be posted on the vlist, on the googlecalendar, or in the Buzz.  The fun never stops at Daniel Bagley!

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