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Monday, August 1, 2011

Drop-off, Pick-up, Lunch, Snacks, Boys & Girls Club

You received a 'what to expect your first week of school' letter in your June mailing from Bagley. Here's a summary of how key parts of the school days work:

* School starts at 9:30; students line up in their class line up (in the playground behind Bagley) by the 9:25 bell.
* Typically, your child will find their line, drop their backpack, and play until the 9:25 bell.
* On the first day, you may come into the school with your child to see them off (ask your teacher where their line will be - it is the same place all year), and then stay for coffee with other parents and the all-school first day flag raising ceremony.
* Car drop-offs can be done in the parking lot, or you can walk or bike to school. There are bike racks in the playground near the garden.

* School ends at 3:35.

* Students will then be led outside by their teachers to the same spot at the front of Bagley every day (even in rain) for pick-up.
* On the first few days, you may come inside to collect your kindergartener right from their classroom.
* Parking on the side streets is busy, busy, busy at pick-up - be aware of school buses, cars and kids! Please be respectful of our neighbors.

* K/1st grade lunch starts at 11:55, and is usually only ~15 minutes long. Recess is immediately afterwards, and the kids will often take only a bite or two before packing up and raising their hands, so they can be dismissed to get outside and play.
* Tips and tidbits:
  • Pack easy-to-eat lunches that will provide energy in just a few bites... slow-to-eat foods like salads might not be such a great idea.
  • Expect lunch boxes to come home almost full and students to come home starving. Sometimes just a couple of lunch items are better than lots of options, so they can actually eat without thinking about what to choose.
  • Lunches are available for purchase, but the lines can be long, so the actual time available for eating could be reduced to ~5 minutes. (Menus and online prepayment available at: http://district.seattleschools.org/modules/cms/pages.phtml?pageid=189119)
  • Tell your kindergartener in advance that the cafeteria items are not free! My 5 year old ran up a $5 chocolate milk tab during the first week of school last year before I found out. I don't think they allow purchases on credit after that first week.
  • There are no food restrictions in the lunchroom at Bagley, but there is a 'peanut-free table'. If your child has allergies, make sure they are aware.
  • You are welcome to join your child for lunch any day, as long as you sign in and get a visitor badge from the office.
* Each class has assigned tables, and lunch boxes are brought to & from the lunchroom.
* Bagley Bees recycle and compost, and reusable containers are encouraged.
* There is a lost and found for misplaced water bottles, lunch boxes, etc. in the main hall, and you'll be reminded to check it regularly.

* Teachers serve healthy snacks mid-morning (I think all classes do this - current Bees, correct me if I'm wrong).
* Parents provide the snacks - you'll sign up for a week or two at the beginning of the year.
* A list of approved, healthy, mostly allergy-free food items will be mailed to you before the beginning of the year.
* Different snacks for birthday celebrations are probably OK - your teacher will give you the scoop on how birthdays work in his or her classroom!

Boys & Girls Club - before/after-school care

Daniel Bagley is privileged to have on-site childcare through Boys & Girls Club! They will drop-off and pick-up your children, and offer childcare on early dismissal and professional development days, which are truly numerous. (Really, check the calendar.)

I'm not sure about the waiting list, so you'll want to contact them soon. More info at: http://www.danielbagley.com/programs_before.htm.  **UPDATE as of 8/16/11 there is still space for a few more kids**

(I'll post something about the after school classes soon - these are a variety of PTA-organized extracurricular activities offered each semester)

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