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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Bagley Buzz!

Hot off the presses, a new edition of the Bagley Buzz is here!  Our school's newsletter is issued mostly-weekly, with a super-sized 'Big Buzz' once a month, this year prepared by Heather (thanks, Heather!).

Most of us get the Buzz by email (you should get on the vlist to make this happen), but if you opt-in for hard copies, you'll receive them in kid mail.  I *think* Big Buzz is hard copy for everyone anyways.

Anyhoo... since I have no idea how to post a PDF on Blogger, I have uploaded it to my googledocs, so if you want to find it, try viewing it here.  It will not automatically open in a new window, since I don't know how to do that, either.  Maybe the link will work.  If not, someone should tell me and I'll come up with Plan B.

Lots and lots of terrific info in this issue of the Big Buzz:  letters from the Principal and PTA president, calendar of upcoming activities, how to get involved, when you can buy Bagley t-shirts, info about all sorts of terrific extracurriculars, the list of teachers by grade***, and more.

***BTW the next school mailing goes out ~August 29, so you'll find out your teacher assignments later that week.

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