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Saturday, August 6, 2011

How do I get to school?

I'm glad you asked!

Bagley students come by car, school bus, bike, and foot. SPS has new guidelines for which students are eligible for bus service this year based on location (more effects of big budget cuts), so we can expect to see a shift towards more cars, bikes and walkers.

No matter what modes of transportation you will be using,note that the playground is supervised starting around 20-25 minutes before the first bell, so you can leave kids at school just after 9.
On really rainy days, the kids should go straight into their classrooms, but otherwise, they will always put their backpack in their class line (*ask your teacher for your line location on Welcome Night, and look for her on the first morning*), then play until they have to line up at first bell, at 9:25.

Bus: if you are in the bus-eligible zone, fill in the paperwork and get it to SPS ASAP. Schedules are listed on the SPS website. At the end of the school day, bused students are collected and safely escorted to their bus (so they get on the correct one) by a Bagley staff member. It is very organized.

Car: drop-offs can be drive-by in the morning via the parking lot, where the kids can go straight into the playground, as long as there is supervision. or, you can park in the lot and walk your child in. The entrance to the parking lot is generally mayhem, and traffic is bad on 80th, so be patient and watch for kids. **there could be issues with drop-offs due to the greenfield part of the playground being blocked off all year while the grass grows, so kids will likely have to go through the gates closer to the gym...TBD**

Car pickups will require you to park and walk to the front of the school. The front is a school bus zone only, and the streets get busy, so you will have to park a block or two away or in the parking lot. Be nice to neighbors and don't idle that engine.

Bike: go for it, but be safe! There are bike racks near the garden, and I suspect that some people leave their bikes in the covered play courts. Bike to School month is in May. Also, there was a H&F segment on bike safety (and learning to ride) last September and October in conjunction with Cascade Bike Club. Mr. Millsap will give us the scoop on this.

Walk: tons of people walk! It is free, healthy, and Eco-friendly. New this year: super-safe Walking School Bus routes, where you can bring your kids to a designated Walking Bus stop, and volunteer parents will escort them to school (you are welcome to come too, of course). This will be starting one day per week in September, and growing with interest. Watch for more info in the Buzz and the vlist, and a coming-soon website with route and safety information. Walk To School Day is October 5th; put it on your calendar now!

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