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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kindergarten/New Family Playdate this Saturday, 10:30am, Greenwood Park

Our second and final K/new family playdate will be this Saturday, 10:30-12, at Greenwood Park (87th and Fremont, a few blocks east of Safeway).  Look for the yellow balloons & grab a nametag.

Our principal Ms. Ayer will be there again to answer your questions, and there will be lots of other Bagley families, both veterans and rookies, so it will be a good chance to connect while your kiddos run amok.

It's supposed to be sunny & hot again, so bring your hats, water, and sunscreen, and a couple of us will donate sufficient quantities of Otter Pops to aid any Bees in need of cooling off.  I'll plan to bring a cooler if you have anything you'd like to store with the Otter Pops (e.g. cold drinks, picnic lunch...)

We had 20-25 families there last weekend, most of whom came before 11am.  Hope to see you there on Saturday!

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