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Friday, September 9, 2011

What is my kid doing all day?

Your student is probably giving you little hints about their day, but what are they really doing?

The first week or two, there is a lot of time spent learning the routines, and classmates' names.   Academics will be slowly introduced into the mix, and you'll learn more about the classroom plans at curriculum night next Thursday.

A generalized schedule was outlined in a previous post: http://bagleykindergarten.blogspot.com/2011/08/what-is-typical-schedule-how-much.html

In addition to the 3 Rs, the classes each have art 2x/week, health & fitness 2x/week, technology (computers) 1x/week, and library 1x/week.  Generally these alternate, e.g. art M/W, H&F T/Th, Tech F, or something similar.

p.s. In order to get actual information, ask very specific questions, like: "Who did you sit beside at lunch?" or "What book did your teacher read today?" or "Was there free choice time today, and what did you choose?". Otherwise, you'll get answers like "nothing" or "no-one", which aren't very illuminating.

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