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Monday, September 19, 2011

Free Money contest, Jogathon, and more

Since people are still reading this, I thought I'd make a quick plug for the Free Money contest (since I'm organizing it) and Jogathon (which is in a few weeks).

But first, PLEASE fill out the new student survey!  We want to know how to improve orientation next year!  

So, the Bagley PTA raises $95,000/year for classroom support in the form of staff salary subsidies and supplies - see previous post - and an EASY way to do it is through Free Money programs.

All you have to do is remember to save your receipts, or register your Safeway/Fred Meyer/QFC card, send in old juice pouches, etc., and Daniel Bagley receives donations.  Easy!  Free!  No selling or soliciting by parents!  All our programs are listed on the website.

For the contest, ending October 7, save your Greenwood Market and Ballard Market receipts, BoxTops for Education, and Labels for Education, register your Safeway card with eScrip, and your Safeway and Fred Meyer/QFC card with eLabelsForEducation.com.   Details were sent out in kidmail last week.   Win a $25 gift card - one for top earner and one random draw.   More prizes throughout the year, including classroom prizes, so keep saving even after the contest ends.

Also, the jogathon is coming up quickly!  September 30! Ask friends and relatives and colleagues and neighbors, or just plan to make this one of your main donations to the PTA, if you have the giving capacity right now.  The goal is to raise $100/kid in the Jogathon.

Over the course of the year, $95,000 raised works out to about $250/kid (although clearly this is an average - whatever families can afford is much appreciated).  You can help with fundraising through Jogathon or springtime auction donations, Chinook Book and Wreath sales, buying scrip, and the myriad Free Money opportunities (which are, I repeat, FREE).  Decide what works best for your family!

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