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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chocolate milk in the cafeteria

Some of you might remember the post from August, where I talked about snacks and lunch, and how my kindergartener son ran up a $5 chocolate milk tab last year, in September, before we realized what was going on.

Well, yesterday my kindergartener daughter from *this* year informed us as we were walking home from school: "I didn't eat anything from my lunch box today, except the chocolate milk I got at the cafeteria.  You don't need money!  Just type in your number - the cook will look that up for you".  Sigh.

So, history does repeat itself.

I suggested that I could come in to have lunch with the kids - ostensibly to hang out, but actually a reconnaissance mission - but that suggestion was met with shock and horror by both of them... so we just have to hope that the chocolate milk tab isn't increased any further!

p.s.  I thought the K-1s were now having recess before lunch, but my son absolutely denies that.  So, who knows?  Maybe I'll remember to ask next time I'm at school.

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