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Friday, September 23, 2011

Random activities and events afoot

If you haven't added the Daniel Bagley google calendar to yours, now is a good time. There is a lot happening.

First, notice that MAP testing for kindergarteners and new-to-SPS kids is happening in the fall to establish a baseline. The rest of the school will wait until January. Testing period #2 will be in May or thereabouts. 

Second, if you are wondering about APP/Spectrum/ALO programs because your child could be a genius, then MAP scores plus a discussion with your teacher (at or before parent-teacher meetings in November) will be the determinant for school options next year. But, we'd love to keep you in the Bagley community!

Third, that's a good segue into: jot down your thoughts about what you'd like to see at Bagley, and drop it into the 'mission/vision' box in the lobby (or in kidmail). Excelling in science? Accommodating all neighborhood children's needs, right up through APP? Fewer mixed grade classes? More focus on dance, music and drama? Etc. There are only ~250 families at the school, so every voice counts.


  •  After school classes - you'll get an email sometime in the next week telling you whether you got in. Classes start in October. Remember to pack a small extra snack for the 5 minutes they'll get before Lego/art/science/yoga/etc. Let Boys & Girls Club know, if you're expecting them to pick up your child afterwards. 
  • Greenfield work parties - ongoing. Kids welcome to come along while planting of trees and shrubs goes on. Saturdays and Sundays. 
  •  Early dismissal next Wednesday! - 1:35pm. Talk to your childcare provider if you haven't already (or, if it's you, remind yourself to come up with some clever activity, and a way to deal with preschooler naps) 
  • Jogathon - if you can, come to this! Next friday. It is amazing to see how much your kiddo can do when there is excitement and peer pressure. Parent volunteers needed for punching lap cards, water station, etc. Kristin will contact you. 
  • Walk to School Day - Wednesday October 5 - meet up with a group (route maps coming soon, or check bagleywalkingschoolbus.blogspot.com).  Prizes for all walkers/bussers/bikers. 
  • Last day to enter Free Money Contest - Friday October 7.  Get your Greenwood/Ballard Market receipts, Boxtops, and Labels for Education in by then (kidmail, or box by front door).
  • Next PTA meeting - Tuesday October 11.  More fun and information.  Good way to meet the people who are doing stuff at the school.
  • Day off - NOT Columbus Day, but the Friday afterwards.  Friday October 14.  Plan accordingly!
More later...

p.s. Fill in the new student survey, link in previous post, thank you!  I need to know your thoughts in order to improve in the future.

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