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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The big ol' dirt pile in the playground

For those of you who were outside at Welcome Night tonight, you probably noticed a large, unfenced pile of dirt right in the middle of the playground.  Around mid-afternoon today, some clever contractor apparently decided that fencing off the grassy area was sufficient.

But, since this is the real world, and we are dealing with elementary school children, we know that a dirt pile is like a magnet to clean little children.

The Bagley admin folk didn't have enough 'caution' tape to rope the entire area off at the last minute.  But, there are plans in the works for tomorrow - more caution tape, large orange safety cones, and recess monitors patrolling the area.

This weekend's greenfield work party will hopefully be tackling Dirt Mountain, but until then, be forewarned that there is a high probability of kindergartener dirtiness.

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