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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PTA meeting overview. What fun!

Fun times at the PTA meeting last night!  Here are the snippets:

  • Four large raccoons ran right past the front door as we were leaving (that is the most important, hence the first bullet).  Cool!  Or not, depending on your perspective.
  • Most of this will be in the Buzz on Thursdays, but not all in one place.
  • 389 kids at Bagley right now, and a few more about to start.  There will be more trickling in over the year as people move into the district.
  • Erika noted that there will be only two MAP testing periods this year, in January & May. Some weirdness there for kids who want to test into APP programs and need the proof of high MAP scores to qualify.
  • What do you want to see at Bagley?  Send in that 'mission and vision' statement via Kidmail, or email.  Yeah, you.  You're a parent therefore you are now the community.  And there aren't too many of us, so every voice counts.
  • Harvest Hootenanny is going to be big and fun!  Don't miss it!  Party, dance, food, 'haunted' street in the gym... October 29.  Stay up late.  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for lots of stuff.  Talk to Danielle S.
  • Jogathon is next Friday September 30!! It will be at lower Woodland track, and there will be a tight turnaround, so warn your kids that there will be no dilly-dallying at school that morning.  Line up, go in, dump backpacks, go potty, get on bus.  VOLUNTEERS maybe still needed.  Ask Kristin M.  Turn in money and form in one batch after everything is collected.
  • Treasurer report - we're doing well.  Erin R explained how it works, our final budget from last year, and our YTD for 11/12. There were a few questions about FREE MONEY - check the boxes/brochure racks by the front door, or the Bagley website, or the list I just sent out to the vlist, or the Buzz for more info on the myriad programs in which we participate.  List is still not 100% complete but I'm getting there.  It will be nice to finally have everything itemized in one place.  Collect your receipts and BoxTops, and buy scrip!
  • Family Directory - sign up soon, otherwise other parents will not be able to get in touch with you.  Proofs going out next week so you can check whether you're in.  Oh, and join the PTA!  We're getting there - Chris P said that around 300 of 400 kids are set up, and 200 of 300 families have joined the PTA already.  Or something like that.
  •  BLT actually stands for Building Leadership Team, a collaboration between principal, staff and parents to ensure top-notch education.  They are the ones (for example) who decided upon the addition of a computer/technology class to the curriculum.  Looking into a Math or Science night of some kind as a new project. Ask Chris Potter if you have questions, or drop by a meeting, held 8-9am one Thursday morning each month.
  • Fundraising Party - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to help with the annual fundraising party/auction/event!  This year on st. Patrick's Day (March 17) in Green Lake at a new facility, organized by the fun-loving and incredibly well-organized events guru team of Laura T and Wendy S.  Work starts now.
  • Special Education PTA.  Kate O has information about this group, working towards serving the needs of special education kids in Seattle.  Contact her if interested in more info.
  • Green Field Project rocks!  Thank you Farhad & team.  Fun times at the grand opening.  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for work parties on Saturdays and Sunday.  check the google calendar for times.
  • Vocal music teacher - Sandy Sonko, who is incredibly wonderfully amazing, is our new vocal music teacher!  There will even be an off-site performance planned for the end of the year.  She is so fabulous.  Sign up your kids for one of her school break camps (Seattle's Littlest Performers).  You will not regret it, and your kiddos will beg for more.  I think the vocal music position is 'adjunct' or 'visiting' or some such.
  • Walk to School Day & Walking School Bus - WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 5 - meet up with other Bagley families to walk together to school, as part of an international celebration!  We (Brooke and Lexy) are working to get some goodies to give to all walkers, and we're hoping kids are so excited that they will want to walk regularly, as part of the Walking School Bus.  Details coming soon, when I have time to get some 'marketing collateral' put together.  So.... busy....
  • Chinook Books - buy Chinook Books to support the school!  They will be offered at various school-wide events.  Pick up some for friends, too.  We get about 1/2 the price donated back to Bagley.  Cool.
  • Next meetings are Oct 11 and Nov 8.  You can reserve free childcare in advance.

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