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Friday, September 16, 2011

Takeaways from Curriculum Night

I hope everyone feels a lot more informed after Curriculum Night.  We didn't really touch on MAP testing, but it sounds like that - and more - is on the agenda for next week's PTA meeting (Tuesday September 20, 6-8pm, limited spots for childcare available by emailing Mary Lamb).

Our class gets to bring whatever snacks we want when it's our turn to bring them in, yay!  Our teacher decided that it was getting too complicated to work around all the different allergies, so highly allergic kids will bring their own.  I think this is a smart decision and takes away stress from the teacher.

Hey, I found out that the K-1s *are* getting recess before lunch, which explains why my 1st grader has been eating everything (my kindergartener hasn't quite figured it out yet, so she is exhausted, cranky and starving every day at pickup.  Fabulous).

Any questions about any of the info from your teachers or in yesterday's kidmail?  Let me know!


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