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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Playdates at the Bagley Playground, welcome night and more!

Ok, Really, there is no "more". Just welcome night and playdates....

The next play date is coming up this Sunday, July 14, at 3pm.

When you arrive at the school, you might notice the gate appears to be locked. Never fear, as you face the playground, the gate to your left is open! Come on in, play for about 45 min and don't worry if you can't remember anyone's name. Ask questions; no question too big or too small.

Mark your calendars!

Sunday, July 14th, 3pm -
the portable installation may not be complete so there may be some areas of the playground roped off - but still lots of room to play)

August playdates - A rep from the PTA will plan to attend a couple of the playdates to sell Bagley Bee t-shirts!! Bring cash or checkbook. There will also be a parent/ PTA representative available at these August playdates to answer questions about special education at Bagley.

Sunday, August 11th, 3pm 
Sunday, August 18th, 3pm

New playdate added!  August 29th, 6-7pm Principal Erika Ayer will attend.  The building will not be open during these playdates.

And.....drumroll please......

Wecome night, Sept. 3rd, 6-7:15pm

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