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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bee in the Parade with Bagley!!

It's parade week!  Hope your bikes are ready and Bagley t-shirts on on hand.

The parade is one of the largest Kiddie Parades during the Seafair season which means parking and traffic are bad in the area.  You can either park near the start of the parade and our meeting area (95th & Greenwood) or near the end of the parade route (85th & 6th Avenue NW).

For those new to the Bagley community, this a super fun way to meet other Bagley bees before the school year.  We gather for the parade, decorate our bikes with black & yellow streamers and then we "march" in down the parade route handing out candy.  The parade starts at 6pm and we are generally up towards the front.  

Here are the details:

Date:  Wednesday, July 25
Meeting Time:   5:15-5:45 (decorate bikes, get lined up
Meeting Location:  Church parking lot on the NW corner of 95th & Greenwood (look for Keri, the organizer, in the Bee Costume)
What to Bring:  Bikes, helmets, bagley shirts, sunscreen,canvas shopping bags for handing out candy,  additional black & gold decorations (optional) ...water bottles suggested too ;)
What Will Be Provided:  Black & yellow streamers, candy to hand out

The weather looks like it will be good!  Here's to a fun-filled Wednesday night!


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