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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where to buy school supplies

Well, you can buy them anywhere, but I can personally vouch for Costco and Target!  Avoid the before-school insanity and go this week, if you can.

Stuff you'll be seeking that is currently available:

  • Fall clothing
  • Juice boxes, cracker packs, and other lunch box goodies (these are life savers, folks)
  • Lunch boxes and water bottles and backpacks
  • All the items on the classroom supplies lists (posted at http://bagleyes.seattleschools.org)
  • Bulk sized snacks for when it's your week to supply snack for the whole class - you will be asked by your teacher to sign up for one or two snack weeks, at welcome night or curriculum night.  

Alternately, consider shopping at Amazon using our Bagley link (http://www.amazon.com/?tag=danibageelem-20) - the site won't look any different, but every time you use the link, our school receives 6-10% back on all your purchases, which goes towards classroom supplies, tutors, field trips, and much more.  Bookmark it!

Hmmm, speaking of 'free money', Target will donate 5% of your purchases made on your REDcard to our school, if you select Daniel Bagley as the recipient.  It only takes a moment to register!

Now, if I haven't mentioned snacks before, take a look at last year's posts (look for the snacks label in the sidebar).  Basically, K-1 classes still provide mid-morning snacks, which are provided by parents, who sign up for a week at a time.  You'll sign up at either welcome night or curriculum night.

Allergies are generally an issue, so you will be warned of major concerns.  Usually the severely allergic students bring their own snacks, and peanuts are always avoided in classrooms (there is a peanut-free lunch table in the lunchroom, too).

Different snacks for birthday celebrations are probably OK - your teacher will give you the scoop on how birthdays work in his or her classroom!

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