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Monday, August 13, 2012

Waitlist updates, Welcome Night, Curriculum Night

There doesn't appear to have been much movement yet on the waitlist, based on today's updated report, which indicates the following stats for kindergarten:
Contemporary - 9
Montessori - 20
Inclusion - 3

But, don't lose hope!  Classroom assignments haven't been confirmed yet, and there is a lot of movement toward the end of August, right through the first week of school.

Welcome Night
You will receive your classroom/teacher assignment in the mail before welcome night which will be on August 30th at 6pm (confirmed start time!).  New students and their parents are invited to meet their teachers and classmates, find their desk and locker, and get acquainted with Bagley.  Expect to be at school for about an hour.

Curriculum Night
You will get curriculum-related information at the aptly named 'curriculum night', on Tuesday, September 18 (time TBD; 6:30ish is a reasonable estimate).  

  • Curriculum Night is an opportunity to find out more about the school's academic focus, your child's daily schedule, learning topics, field trips, evaluation including MAP testing, and so on.  PTA volunteers will be there to offer wisdom (and possibly to sell you Bagley t-shirts and scrip cards), and to inform you of the many extracurricular activities we have at Bagley.  
  • This is a kid-free evening when your teacher will discuss procedures and classroom plans for the year.  Find a babysitter.  No kids allowed.
  • Why mid-September, you ask, and not before school starts?  Generally, the first weeks (months, even) are spent socializing the kids, working on routines, and encouraging positive behaviors.  Even the older kids need to be reintegrated into the school routine after an entire summer of unlearning.

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