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Friday, July 24, 2015

School meals 2015-2016

All students are eligible to eat breakfast and lunch provided by the school.

*Update: Prices have gone up this year (2015-2016). Breakfast is $2 and lunch is $3. Milk is 50 cents.

You can pay by check, cash, or credit card using the PayPAMS system. For students who qualify for free and reduced price meals, applications will be available on August 1st.

Each child is issued a 4-digit pin and taught how to enter it on the keypad. You can write it down somewhere for your child until they learn it, or the teachers and Ms. Raylynn in the cafeteria can also help.

Children may be dropped off on the playground or in the cafeteria as early as 9:05 when school opens. There is a playground attendant and Ms. Raylynn in the cafeteria is wonderful with the kids.

You can check out the Nutrislice website to see what the breakfast and lunch menus are.

For more information about school meals, please visit the Seattle Public School Nutrition Services website or check out the frequently asked questions.

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