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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Teacher assignments and classroom configurations

We know that new families have a lot of questions leading up to the first day of school. Please let us know if we can help answer any of those burning questions! Send us an email or leave a comment.

Many people want to know who their child's teacher will be. Note that teacher assignments are not finalized until a few weeks before school starts. You will receive a letter by mail with your classroom assignment about a week before classes start. 

For those families on the waitlist, changes are made continuously, right through the end of September. You could be offered a spot in your first choice program a few weeks after school has begun. Check your student's status at Seattle Schools Student Assignment and/or Waitlist Status.

Ms. Ayer, the principal at Daniel Bagley, recently announced some planning updates for the upcoming school year. Enrollment has increased by 25 students, predominantly in the Contemporary program. The enrollment numbers shift constantly, so the following classroom configurations are subject to change.


  • Kindergarten: Ms. Stone
  • Kindergarten: Ms. Steele
  • First: Ms. Tamura
  • First: Ms. Sams (Ms. Beisel will be teaching 1.5 days for Ms. Sams while she completes her administrative internship)
  • Second: Ms. Filep
  • Second/Third: Ms. Scordas
  • Third: Ms. Adriance
  • Fourth/Fifth: Ms. Outhouse
  • Fourth/Fifth: Ms. Manley

  • Kindergarten: Ms. Richards
  • Kindergarten/First: Ms. Norton
  • First/Second/Third: Ms. Messom
  • First/Second/Third: Ms. Green (Ms. Beisel will be teaching 1 day for Ms. Green)
  • First/Second/Third: TBD
  • Second/Third: Ms. Forselius
  • Fourth/Fifth: Ms. Manley
  • Fourth/Fifth: TBD
  • Fourth/Fifth: Mr. Vonderlage

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