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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Connect with Bagley -Stay in the know!

How to Connect with Bagley! 

Whether you are a potential Bee, a new student family or a returning family, it never hurts to connect early!

Get connected and stay in touch. Start now if you haven't already.

The PTA & Daniel Bagley staff communicate with parents using several different methods, and the fastest is by email - join the vlist to stay up-to-date.

The vlist is an email forum for Daniel Bagley parents that is sponsored by the PTA. It’s an easy way to stay connected and keep informed of what’s happening in and around Daniel Bagley. Join via: www.danielbagley.com/happening_vlist.htm.

Other means of communication you'll see:
  • mailings from the Seattle School Board - make sure your mailing address is correct
  • the Buzz - weekly Bagley newsletters (http://www.danielbagley.com/happening.htm) emailed to the vlist
  • kid mail - information from the principal, teachers and the PTA sent home in your child's backpack

You can also email the PTA officers with questions; their addresses are at the bottom of the page at: http://www.danielbagley.com/pta.htm

Don't forget to join the PTA and support our fantastic community! You will receive membership information just before school starts. We have reached 100 percent PTA membership for the past four years, meaning that we have had at least as many adult members of the PTA as there are students in the school. Thanks to our incredible, tireless PTA and parent volunteers, Daniel Bagley is able to offer an enhanced educational experience through programs such as classroom tutors (aides), vocal music, health and fitness, art, family fun nights, and much more.

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