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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

To nut or not to nut!

Greetings parents.

I've received some great questions on the snack and lunch allergies issue/question.

Here are a few answers and guidelines in general.

snacks? What are the guidelines for snacks? On the sign-up it said no nuts, but beyond that... how do I know how much or how many?

This answer varies by teacher and classroom. The general rule is no nuts for every classroom, and then they will send out info on specific allergies on a class by class basis, usually also detailed at curriculum night. 

Good snacks are a protein (string cheese cut in half is a big hit) a fruit/veggie, and/or a carb (low salt/sugar crackers). The classrooms vary in numbers but enough for 26ish is about right.

lunches - can I pack a PBJ in lunch or is the whole building on a no nuts protocol?

PBJ is fine! There is a nut-free table for kids with allergies. Some parents avoid packing nut or nut butters just as a courtesy since handwashing is kind of sporadic as the kids learn the routine, but getting your kid fed is important -- do what you need to do!

Am I missing something? Let me know! 

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