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Monday, May 14, 2012

Still not registered for kindergarten? + some notes about next year

If you are in the attendance area, your child will be automatically be given a spot at Bagley, regardless of when you register.

However, if you aren't registered, you will miss communication from the PTA, Daniel Bagley and Seattle Public Schools.  By registering early, you can help Ms. Ayer and the staff plan classroom assignments, and provide some insight to the hopeful families on the waitlist.

All the registration details are on the SPS website.

p.s. This year, we have three K/1 Montessori & two K/1 Contemporary classes.  Possibly the same for next year. TBD.
p.p.s.  The new double-wide trailer that will be installed over the summer will NOT be a K-1 classroom next year.  Hopefully not a classroom at all...

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